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My name is Teresa Runion, and I have served on the Geauga Arts Council Board since it's inception in 2001. I have been one of the primary organizers of many Geauga Arts Council events and programs over the last 21 years such as Infinitree Geauga, our first community art show held in partnership with Geauga Park District, as well as Orange Moon Trail, Art in the Garden, membership events, annual Juried Art Show and installation of artwork in community venues. Are you on the fence about joining? Don't be! Sign up for a membership right now and get connected with one of the coolest art groups in Ohio and unlock some great benefits only available to members!

Her Story

Teresa Runion is a founding member of our board. She recently retired as Special Events Coordinator for Geauga Park District after working for the organization for 32 years, but continues involvement as a Park Volunteer.  She is currently providing consulting for community art events through Cleveland Art, as well as assisting the Geauga Arts Council with art installations and events. Her handmade home décor and vintage items are sold at His Daughter Shop in Middlefield, OH, where she teaches creative workshops as well.  


Teresa is an advocate for the local arts scene and enjoys working with the creative people that she meets in her journey through life. She resides with her husband, two teenage children and two terriers in Troy Township. 

"The Geauga Arts Council has always been a way to connect with the public and demonstrate the value of the arts in our community, encourage support of artists and promote participation in abundant art opportunities in Geauga County. Geauga Arts Council serves as an umbrella organization to promote arts programming/events/education in Geauga, whether it is through the Arts Council, local art center, park district, library, community education, schools or businesses. I see the Arts Council as a way to reach EVERYONE. I am particularly proud of the community art installations that are on display at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center and Notre Dame Village. Both locations are venues that bring needed light into visitors', patients' and residents' lives. I am also very pleased that the Geauga Arts Council hosts the Annual Juried Art Show at The West Woods Nature Center. Not only is this a great partnership with the local park district, but it also serves as inspiration for those submitting work to create pieces inspired by the natural beauty all around them. 35-50 artists strive to create works they are proud to share with thousands of visitors who view the show each year.


The Geauga Arts Council is near and dear to my heart as I have been a board member since it's inception, over 20 years ago! Although many of our programs & events have changed over the years, our mission remains the same: to enrich our community through the promotion of education, access and participation in the arts. I am looking forward to another 20+ years of showcasing the fine talent in this community. "



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.