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My name is Sheila Dorris. I was originally on our Council in 2014 engaged in marketing and promotions, and after a long hiatus I came back in 2021. I now serve as the Chief of Grant-Writing and Marketing. As a long time volunteer in promoting, producing events and fundraising for nonprofit organizations, I am happy to be part of our campaigns for financial support, promoting our activities as well as our creative members.

Her Story

Sheila R. Dorris, BFA, MBA, a.k.a. Lady Rembrandt and Company, living in Bainbridge TWP, is an award winning, visual artist, creative writer, and photographer, with a special love for the infinite details of pencil drawing, and oil painting on canvas, out of a myriad of other painting mediums used in various sculpture mediums. With creative carpentry, she includes acrylics on wood, often referring to them as her 3-D paintings. Retired from teaching art, included our youth K-12, adults, along with the Cleveland Institute of Art. Busy with a few inspired, creative books in the works for future publication, creating art and entering juried art shows, Sheila is dubbed, “An artist who thinks with both sides of her brain.” Gene Poor, Ph.D. Sheila’s passion within business is devoting time to non-profit organizations, creative marketing, fundraising and producing special events. She shares life with Old English Sheepdogs, currently with Sir “Winslow” of Bainbridge, named for Winslow Homer, the American Painter; together shown here with her oil painting of her beloved and late, Lord MC “Escher” named for the Dutch Artist MC Escher. (Sheila’s Escher and his MC, stood for Master of Cuddling.)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.