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The most artwork we have ever featured

This month marks the peak of the most artwork and artists that the Geauga Arts Council has ever had the honor to represent at one time. Check it out as I break down the incredible variety of displays we are managing across Geauga County:

  1. 17th Annual Juried Art Show

Hosted in cooperation with the Geauga Park District at The West Woods Nature Center, August 18 - October 3, 2023. This year we had a record of 117 entries from 56 local artists. Representing creative practices in so many different mediums; ceramic, stained glass, wood, acrylic and oil paint, watercolor, textiles, photography and MORE! You really need to check out this show before it comes down. Visit this page on our website or go to The Nature Center which is open daily from 10a - 4:30p located at 9465 Kinsman Rd. Novelty, OH 44065.

2. UH Geauga Medical Center

Our longest-running and most heavily trafficked venue, the hallway just past the gift shop has highlighted many visual artists over the years. Currently on display is an incredible and vibrant collection of abstract acrylic paintings by Debbi Homola. View and shop the entire collection right here on this page, or by visiting the hospital located at 13207 Ravenna Rd. Chardon, OH 44024.

3. Notre Dame Village Community Center

Just down the street from the hospital is the retirement village of Notre Dame. For the past two years we have been brightening their residents' day by rotating the artwork on the walls of their community center. This location is not automatically open to the public, but we do encourage visitors to schedule a time to come and view the artwork in person. Patricia Firem had a beautiful display of paintings which ends on Tuesday, September 5th (Shop now before it's gone!) and the next installation will showcase Paula DeMattia's bird-inspired artwork. The Community Center is located at 10950 Pine Grove Tr. Chardon, OH 44024.

4. The Wembley Club

Heading into Chagrin Falls, make a point to drop in to The Wembley Club. It is a family sports club which houses a collection of ever-changing artwork within the rooms of their main floor. On display right now are wildlife and nature photographs by Jen Beck, see it all right here. The club is open every day and is located at 8345 Woodberry Blvd. Chagrin Falls, OH 44023. This collection will be up until September 25, 2023.

5. Tame Rabbit Coffee & Roaster

Our smallest venue, with the most delicious reason to stop in. Coffee and pastries of course! We love adding an accent of local art along the back hallway of this location. Suzan Kraus has a display of her abstract paintings that draw you in and really call you to slow down and appreciate the details and movement within her pieces. Don't let size fool you, there are some incredible pieces of artwork within this venue. Tame Rabbits hours are listed on our website here, and they're located at 516 E Washington St. Unit K, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022.

6. Bainbridge Public Library

While you're on the south side of the county, swing by the Bainbridge Public Library and sit for a moment to take in the fun and colorful array of acrylic and mixed media artwork by Alice Mullins. Her pieces truly pop off the wall with their vibrant depictions of some super cool animals. The library is open every day and is located at 17222 Snyder Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023. Or you can sit on your couch and see the whole collection here on our website.

7. Geauga West Public Library

A two-for-one deal, the Geauga West Library houses two collections of artwork. On the walls of the large conference room is a display of photography by Linda Ryan (Only until September 18th, so check it out now!) If you don't know where the conference room is, or if the doors are closed, just ask the Librarians to help you out. They'll happily show you around!

As you move further into the actual library, you can't help but notice the beautifully lit display cases in the wall. For the month of September we are showcasing some gorgeous stained glass work by Vicki Vesel. See it all right here, or stop in the library any day at 13455 Chillicothe Rd, Chesterland, OH 44026.

8. Artisans Corner Gallery

What is that? You want even more local art? Then you absolutely, most positively have to stop in at our headquarters which is conveniently located within the best gallery within Geauga County; Artisans Corner Gallery in Newbury houses work from a (very) wide variety of artisans, over 100 to be exact. Definitely worth a trip, you are sure to find many treasures and discover even more talented people at this shop. See all the details at their website here, or visit Tuesday - Saturday 10 to 4 at 11110-6 Kinsman Rd. Newbury, OH 44065.

The Geauga Arts Council is proud to represent these local businesses and talented artists and encourage you to get out and see the inspiring artwork that is scattered throughout our wonderful county. If you'd like to learn more about exhibition opportunities, then we encourage you to become a member of the GAC and visit our Exhibit Application page to learn more.

Thanks for reading, and keep creating!

Brittany Paynter

Executive Director, Geauga Arts Council

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