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Meet the Artist: Pat Fagan

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The artist/photographer/physician behind our awesome logo!

I was born and raised in Chardon, Ohio and have been very active in the arts across Northeast Ohio--especially live theater—from a young age. I performed at many theaters in the area, including GLTG, Rabbit Run, and Fine Arts Association. When not on stage I was designing lights for various productions, and I also served as the graphic designer for GLTG for many years. I then went on to study theater and biology at the University of Notre Dame, doing breast cancer research by day and programming lights at night. Ultimately, I decided to pursue a career in medicine, and after completing medical school in Chicago, I am now back in the Cleveland area about to start my fourth and final year of residency in neurology. While my busy schedule has limited my ability to perform or pursue creative work professionally, growing up in such a vibrant arts community has shaped me as a physician. A skillful artist uses originality, inventiveness, and imagination to create, and I have learned that physicians can apply these skills to their practice to individualize care for their patients. When not at the hospital, I do still dabble in the arts and am completing multiple stained glass and photography projects. After the little hiatus known as the pandemic, I am looking forward to the vibrant arts scene roaring back across Geauga County.

Pat's photo is from a recent trip to the Shenandoah Mountains. Thank you Pat for designing such a great logo!

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