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Meet the Artist: Suzan Kraus

Skilled at both ends of the spectrum, Suzan wows with her realistic and abstract paintings.

"I'm a mixed media artist gathering inspiration from a variety of sources. I am especially interested in the subject of energy from basic idea to the quantum field. Many of my pieces titles reference this fascination. Just like life, creating art is a journey of discovery. Each piece of work that I get involved in is a symbolic impression of where I am mentally, physically, and metaphysically in my process of coming to awareness. By mixing the media and creating various layers I am able to convey subtle sensitivities that would not be evident in a flat painting..."

Suzan was born, raised and educated in the Cleveland area but it wasn’t until fifty years of age & a move to Houston, TX that she decided to fulfill her dream & attend art school. It was here at Glassel School of Fine Art that she discovered her gift and passion for art. Upon returning to Cleveland to not only be connected to her children & grandchildren but to continue her journey in art, that she began to flourish. Since her return, her work has been accepted into numerous gallery shows, participated and won awards in group shows, and had several one woman shows at notable galleries around the area. Most recently she won a third-place award at the prestigious Butler Museum of American Art, Youngstown, OH.

Suzan was featured in our Local Venue at UH Geauga Hospital March 6 - May 22, 2023,

and again at Tame Rabbit Coffee August 28 - November 20, 2023.


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