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Meet the Artist: Sarah Komaromy

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Ohio's hidden treasures as seen through her lens.

​"Growing up in Northeast Ohio I have grown to appreciate our wonderful state through my camera lens. I'm thankful to live close to our great lake, where the water changes daily, and the wildlife is abundant. My passion for nature, flowers, and the lake, encourages me to capture natural beauty right in my backyard. In addition to my photography, I am a mother to my wonderful son, wife to my great husband and a gardener, both full of flowers and vegetables. My family takes different adventures throughout the seasons, and I always have my camera ready. Winter brings the wonderful ability to shoot my favorite black and white photographs, and in the Spring, I look forward to watching the flowers bloom for the season. I enjoy focusing on everything outdoors from sunsets on the lake, to getting up close with the flowers, and any animal that may cross my path in the process. This year my son has started taking his own photographs, and I hope he enjoys it as much as I do."


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