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Meet the Artist: Rebecca Nieminen

Updated: May 16

Telling the story of rural life through her lens.

My name is Rebecca S. Nieminen, and I am an author, photographer, and artist based in Kinsman, Ohio. I own Storyteller Photography: Images by Rebecca, and I specialize in high quality portraiture and fine art landscape and nature photography. My images of Midwestern rural life, which include farmyard cows, country churches, weathered barns, windswept lighthouses, and vibrant sunrises and sunsets, have earned recognition and praise. My work has been featured in several local galleries, and many of my photographs resemble paintings, with a soft, dreamlike quality, gorgeous golden light, and dramatic, colorful skies. I often tell people that the great outdoors is my favorite church, and I believe my deep reverence for the natural world shines in the work I produce. I live for moments of magic within nature—moments when the veil between heaven and earth is so thin you can catch a glimpse of all that is miraculous, joyful, and dazzling. The images I share are intended to provide a window to the intense, ethereal beauty I experience during those fleeting glimpses. Many of my photographs were captured in Northeastern Ohio, but I also love to travel to new destinations, camera in hand. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV and process my images with Photoshop. I hope my work encourages people to recognize the extraordinary within the ordinary, and to appreciate the natural beauty around them that they might otherwise overlook.

I have long been passionate about not only imagery but also the written word. I have a bachelor’s in professional writing and editing and a master’s in English. In 2022 I released my first novel, The Dance of the White Deer, a work of literary historical fiction that was inspired by true events. I am currently compiling a book of photographs and poetry and have additional novels planned. Prior to becoming a professional photographer in 2013, I worked as reporter for The Vindicator of Youngstown, Ohio, and also as an adjunct writing instructor at Youngstown State University. I am a lifelong resident of Northeastern Ohio. In my free time I enjoy genealogy, antiques collecting, traveling, and spending time with my significant other and two children.

To view more of my work please visit: and

Featured in our local venue at UH Geauga Hospital May 22 - August 7, 2023.


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