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Meet the Artist: Pip (Malensek) Shiffler

Paint pours, mandala dots, Beach glass pictures and more from one talented lady.

"Hi, my name is Pip (Malensek) Shiffler of Pipspieces Art. My art life started as a child, always coloring under a blanket tent in my living room. In 4th grade, I joined 4H sewing and made many of my own clothes during high school. My mother was an oil painter and was always inspiring me to use my talents.

As an adult, my art has expanded into many different directions. Sewing, jewelry-making, beach glass pictures, and more. My main love is to create Mandala Dot and paint pours. I love teaching my art to all ages, and I've had students from 7 to 70+. I enjoy teaching at a local adult care facility. No experience is needed to enjoy my classes.

I have owned my own studio in the past, but currently split my work between Artisans Corner Gallery in Newbury, Ohio and My World Better in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. I teach and sell my work in both places. I love to inspire all to learn to use their creativity that they may not know they have."

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