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Meet the Artist: Pamela Bennett

Updated: Apr 17

Pursuing joy through creating art.

March 10th 2020 was my last day as a server for over 40 yrs. at Yours Truly Restaurant.

Covid turned my life around, as it did for just about everyone in the world...

I am a breast cancer survivor with a compromised immune system, which led to my early retirement. What was I to do with all my time? Many years ago I dabbled in watercolors and pen and ink. A year before Covid, a black walnut tree was cut down in our yard. I couldn’t bear to see the wood not living on in some way, so I began to make tables. That led to making wind chimes from the wood & recycled copper pipes. I started painting again, but this time with acrylics! The house was jam packed with wood and paint and canvases, etc., so instead of maneuvering our way through the house, I got a shed/studio and go there as often as I can!

Here I am today, doing something in my life that I never could have imagined. Art is now my sanctuary. I love it!!! I’m on Instagram @studiopgb if you’re interested in seeing my work. I also do commission pieces.


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