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Meet the Artist: Mary Coffey

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Sharing the spirit of creativity through her art.

"I'm Mary Coffey and I am a creative soul, laughing! I'm a mixed-media artist, teacher, and certified spiritual director. Through creative expression, I am finding my voice and learning to express it in joyful and soul-nourishing ways. My creative practice empowers me to turn toward and trust that which is deepest within me rather than waiting for external permission and approval. For me, creativity has opened a way to clarity and deep intuitive knowing.

I love to incorporate textural elements into my pieces. My color palate leans to the cool side of the color wheel, and I am drawn to portraying faces with compelling expressions. I want my art to invite viewers to wonder about the story the subject wants to tell.

When I’m not making a colorful mess in my art studio, you can find me hiking to waterfalls, snap-chatting with my four grown children, or reading in my pjs on rainy days.

I work in mixed media, including acrylic, water soluble media, and collage, and create both abstract and representational work. "

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