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Meet the Artist: Margaret Khairallah

Ohio's hidden treasures as seen through her lens.

"When I was a kid my aunt took me to the Detroit Institute of Art. Then and there I knew I wanted to be an artist. I try to draw almost every day, take workshops, studio courses, and study independently. There is daily life, family and making a living. I evolved into a printmaker and acrylic artist. I like what happened during the process. The process is important to me; exploring color, line, shape and texture is exciting. When I am working I am in the zone, trying to uncover the essence of the object, taking all of these “studies” and developing a work of art that brings the viewer into my world. I have been exhibiting in juried shows since the 1980’s"

Margaret was featured at our Local Venue, UH Geauga Medical Center from July 11th, to October 10th, 2022.


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