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Meet the Artist: Laura Lewis

Lake Erie local and leaded glass artist

Laura was born and raised in the Willoughby area. She and her husband of 49 years raised their two children along with four Siberian Huskies. They currently reside in the Chagrin Harbor in Eastlake along with a little black Pug, “Emma”. Emma and Laura take daily trips to their stretch of beach to walk and enjoy the peaceful awe of the lake.  


"My neighbor Sandy and I took an interest in Stained Glass back in the 90’s and took a small group class from a private instructor. I learned to make both foiled (Tiffany style) and Leaded glass panels. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the outcome of the pieces. My first leaded panel was of our black and white Siberian Dog named “Mickey” which my daughter instantly confiscated for herself. As time went on, I made more panels for family and friends. Sandy and I used to run back and forth borrowing needed glass from each other instead of cooking ingredients as we used to do.  

Due to opening a restaurant in 2001, I had to give up making stained glass pieces. About six years ago, I was able to start again and since retirement, I’m able to spend even more time creating.  I have created a few pieces encompassing driftwood from the beach for wind catchers.  I mainly use the foil process for suncatchers, however, my love is still leaded panels with lots of color."


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