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Meet the Artist: Kathy Komaromy

Updated: Sep 11

Aiming to capture the peace and serenity of Northeast Ohio.

"I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. I never truly appreciated all it has to offer until I started taking pictures of my surroundings. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of family gatherings and vacations, and I’ve been taking pictures so long that I remember printing them at small drive through kiosks in shopping center parking lots or through mail order. At that time, you printed the entire roll of film, good and bad. Who couldn’t resist those double print offers. So instead of having 1 copy of all those bad pictures, we have 2! Photography sure has come a long way since the days of those Instamatic cameras.

I love living close to Lake Erie and the many Metroparks in the region. Once I retired I started to get out and truly enjoy what this area has to offer. I purchased a Canon Rebel Digital Camera as a retirement gift to myself. Everything looks better through the eye of the camera, it reveals so much more detail that I miss just walking along the trail. I recently started printing my pictures and see even more beauty in them. I love the blooms in the Spring, the beautiful Fall colors, sunsets, waves on Lake Erie and yes, even Ohio's snow and ice.

Printing and framing my pictures has renewed my passion for photography. I find myself drawn to the sunsets, clouds, water and ‘naked’ trees. My goal is to expand my subjects to encompass all things nature. To push myself to look outside of my comfort zone for more photo opportunities and hone my photography skills and camera knowledge. All of this allows me to share my view of Northeast Ohio with others through the eye of my camera and the best pictures I can take."

Kathy Komaromy

Concord, Ohio


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