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Meet the Artist: Brittany Selfe Paynter

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

A diversity of mediums invite nature to inhabit her canvases.

​I believe that all people have creative ability. Mine manifests itself through oil paint, watercolor, ceramics and crafting. I am a mother, illustrator, web designer, teacher, and Treasurer of the Geauga Arts Council. As the owner of Creative Spirit Studios (my independent art/web design business) I am the wearer of many, many hats.

My art teacher, Irene Sukle, encouraged creative exploration in all mediums. Since graduating high school in 2008, I have been a self-taught professional artist. In my 20s I journeyed to South Africa, South Korea, Chile, Argentina and Peru, travelling out of a backpack via bus, plane and boat to see what this world had to offer. From the Marabou Storks of South Africa, to the food and lifestyle of South Korea, and a short break from "regular" life to visit South America, I gathered memories, treasures and photos to inspire my work. There are special places in the States that I also hold dear to my heart for inspiration behind my art.

Living in Northeast Ohio, I fell in love with the nature that surrounds me. Hiking to where the hemlocks surround the shale and sandstone creeks, the colorful intricacies of the rock outcroppings led to my "Ohio Paradise" collection. The technique with which I began painting in oils has transpired into other observational work such as the "Glass Galaxy", "Looking Up", "Atacama" and "Petrohue" series of paintings. In 2017 & 2021, I birthed my children at home in our hot tub. It was transformative and empowering. As a new mom, I illustrated the book, "Inspired Birth- Affirmations for the Childbearing Year", authored by Jenna Hull. My original watercolor floral paintings are from that project.

Now I continue to paint in my home art studio working mainly in oils and watercolor. I also teach ongoing art classes through the Chardon Recreational Department. Please visit their website for a current list of programs and offerings.​

Visit my website and follow my Instagram, @mamapaynter.

Featured Artist at UH Hospital Geauga March 3rd, 2021 - July 12th, 2021

Featured Artist at Tame Rabbit Coffee December 2022 - February 2023


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