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Meet the Artist: Barbara Yoxall

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Never stop learning, never stop creating.

Barbara started her painting career late in life, after doing beadwork, gourd art, and clay work- she says it made her feel like Grandma Moses. The gourds and clay work included some acrylic, pastel and oil, but only as a finish. When a change from gourd work was needed, she experimented with the mediums she had used on the gourds. Gradually, preferences emerged and a style evolved that meshed with her philosophy on life.

She paints landscapes- sunrises, sunsets, lakes, rivers, the natural world- no two paintings are ever the same. "Cloud formations are always changing. Life is always changing- nothing is static- in life or nature. Sunrises give you a new day, filled with beauty and possibilities. The earth is beautiful. At the end of the day, there is acceptance and beauty if we look for it, even if things did not happen as planned. Tomorrow is another new day. And, sometimes we don't see the sun for the clouds, but it is there, and the cloud formations are unique."

Barbara hopes to leave an impression of herself on those who look at her art which speaks to her fundamental nature, her spirit, and her aesthetic sensibilities. She takes a courageous action, communicating her innermost thoughts and feelings. Her art is a reflection of a most personal nature, as her thoughts and experiences become tangible, visible expressions. She invites you to see with new eyes, as she shares her work with you.

Barbara attends ongoing art lessons in painting and was a Juror for the 2022 Juried Art Show in the Watercolor Category.

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