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Meet the Artist: Valene

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Combining traditional pour paint and decorated vessels for a cool outcome

"Acrylic pouring is my main focus when it comes to creating abstract art. Part of why I love it is all the incredible images that appear when a piece is through. I’ll see faces, maybe animals, plus other images i can’t give a name to. at times some pieces are about just how the colors come together without images. I don’t put in details, instead I let the piece speak for itself. If there are certain areas in a piece I’m not happy with, I’ll maneuver the paints to change it up. In order to get texture into a piece I use bubble wrap; do string pulls; chain pulls; use different types of pouring methods. There are so many techniques that can be used when creating pours, I’m certain it’s why I’ve been drawn to it. I’m still in the learning phase and always will be, which I see as a good thing."


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