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My name is Kim Shippe. I have been assisting the Geauga Arts Council from the sidelines since 2020. I recently hopped off the fence and filled the position of Treasurer. I look forward to working with the great team that makes up the GAC. As an artist myself I fully understand the challenges faced by many fellow artists. Being a part of the GAC team allows me to help others navigate their journey into the world of art. 

Her Story

Kym is the other half of Rustic Forest. She is the mastermind behind the pitchfork birdhouses, driftwood mirrors, and the garden décor that is full of whimsy. Kym holds a special talent for finding "junk" and breathing new life into it. She grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, and spends a lot of time wandering the beach with her mother, or taking her dogs for walks. An animal lover, nature enthusiast, and all around fun person, Kym is a treasure to have on our team. You can count on seeing her at local art shows and monthly GANG meetings, as she is very involved in the local art scene. 


Check out what I make when I'm not managing the GAC's money:

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