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I am Dave Cvelbar, Local Venue Administrator.

My roll as venue administrator provides me the opportunity to coordinate between local artists and venue hosts. This gives artists like you a great avenue to display your works to the public for viewing and purchasing. My duties are to continually seek out additional artists and venue hosts to provide as many opportunities as possible.  I am your contact for scheduling and coordinating the setup and teardown of each venue and include additional board members to assist as needed.

His Story

"Each item I create will truly be a one of a kind. Most of my work is custom ordered. I often get the urge to create my own projects. Specializing in hard wood products,the wood for each project is hand selected for its uniqueness and beauty. I currently maintain a large selection of dried woods. Wood such as Walnut, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Cedar along with reclaimed lumber and drift wood. I currently perform my own custom milling and kiln drying on site to provide the most unique pieces of lumber possible. I also have contacts through out the United States to provide customers with non local woods like Redwood, Cedar Mesquite and more (if it grows in the USA I can provide it) I prefer to harvest storm damaged and standing dead trees for my selection thus preserving our wood lots."



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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