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My name is Cyndi Konopka, and I have served on the GAC Board since 2020. It is my job to keep volunteers in check, provide the cheesecake, and bring creative ideas to the table when we plan our events. I help hang Art in the Mart installations and the Annual Juried Art Show. One of my favorite roles in the Council is to recruit new members. Are you on the fence about joining? Don't be! Sign up for a membership right now and get connected with one of the coolest art groups in Ohio.

Her Story

"I have been making stunning photographic images for my clients for over 30 years. My style is innovative and fun with an artistic flare.  I specialize in People and events such as weddings, events, senior and family portraits, corporate functions, and real estate. I really love to capture the excitement of the day; I think my humor and easy-going personality helps people relax and have fun.

 As a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of art, my fine art encompasses many mediums. Ceramics, Painting Rain barrels and beehives, woodworking, Jewelry, sculpture, hypertufa, and upcycling to name a few. I often combine these elements together into one project. My love of nature is a reoccurring theme in many of my pieces.  My work is featured in several local galleries, and I enjoy entering community art shows.  I am active in the Geauga Arts Networking Group (GANG). I love to collaborate and share ideas with other artists to help build a strong art community.


 I am involved with a local theater group called Center Street Mentor, we perform murder mysteries, radio and variety shows. I also teach art classes around northeast Ohio. When I’m not creating art, you can find me working in my beehives, gardening, kayaking or just enjoying the outdoors with my crazy poodle and my super coolio guy.

 The Geauga Arts Council, GAC, is a caring nurturing group of like-minded artists, who wish to help other artists grow and blossom in their chosen discipline. We give them opportunities to show their work, learn, share, gather and socialize with other right brained creatives.  We also bring art to the community, with our art venues, Juried art shows, classes and events.  There is something for just about everyone!

 I have made true friends in the members of the GAC.  We understand each other, we gather to encourage, motivate, and help each other to become better versions of ourselves. There is so much talent on our board of directors, and we wish to use our gifts inspire others.  Art is the universal language.

I have found “My People”



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.