Financial Advisors Can Identify Senior Citizen Scams

financial-advisorsOur senior years should be spent relaxing as well as doing the things we enjoy, whether that be sitting on the coastline, golf, spending time with loved ones, or improving our environments. Most of the time, senior citizens are prey to scam artists that are drawn in to them because of their big checking account as well as aging, and in some cases a lessening mental capacity.

There are 5 million situations of monetary elder abuse annually, yet only 1 from 25 are looked into by law enforcement. As an economic expert and financial advisor you have the chance that can help your elderly customers spot these scams before it’s late.

IRS telephone frauds are ending up being much more usual. They will certainly say and call that your customer owes tax obligation cash to the IRS and if they don’t pay up and discuss their personal info, they will certainly be jailed, have their residences taken away, and so forth. In truth, the Internal Revenue Service will certainly never ever call anybody with concerns, they will create. Recommend your customers to hang up immediately if they get a phone call such as this.

There are actually email rip-offs that are routed at monetary experts, so be weary. Cyberpunks will certainly send out experts an email from their client saying they need money to manage a family members emergency. Nevertheless, scenarios like these need to be confirmed over the phone with your customer or personally, so do not fall for it.

elder scamsEmails and also paper mail will certainly additionally be sent out to elders promoting a brand-new effort chance that has outstanding returns on investment. Like with anything, if it’s too excellent to be real, it most likely is.

Senior citizens are targeted even a lot more, as well as are prompted to send money to cover the taxes before they receive their payout. Well Fargo really had a case like this a couple of years back, as well as the monetary consultant took matters right into their very own hands even when the client wanted to keep sending out money.

Fraudsters have actually also been recognized to call senior citizens impersonating a health care or insurance business, claiming they need individual details like social security numbers. They after that take place to submit untrue insurance policy claims in your clients’ name
Financial consultants ought to prompt their clients to run any kind of sales pitches or investments by them before seeking them, in this manner the expert can be sure the client isn’t really the burden of a rip-off as well as is making a smart choice. If a financial expert is confronted with a client that has a lessening mental capacity, they should ask their customer if there is a relied on member of the family that can help choose.

They will claim as well as call that your customer owes tax obligation money to the IRS and also if they do not pay up as well as share their individual information, they will certainly be arrested, have their residences taken away, and also so on. Recommend your clients to hang up right away if they get a phone call like this.

Hackers will send consultants an email from their customer stating they require cash to deal with a family members unexpected emergency. Well Fargo really had a situation like this a few years back, and the economic consultant took issues right into their own hands also when the customer desired to maintain sending out money.

Japan In Uproar Over Rice Imports as TPP Talks Progress

Obama TPP Talks Progress

President Obama may have a fight boiling in Japan over TPP. Photo By Steve Jurvetson

President Obama is about to get a historic Free pass to negotiate trade “Fast Track Authority. But you don’t need a tarot reading to see what may be the harbinger of things to come with the current impasse with Japan’s Economic and Fiscal Policy minister Akira Amari who said he would budge on imports of American Rice to Japan in order to protect Japan’s farmers from cheaper rice from the US and abroad.

In just a few days, there will be a continuation of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) talks being held at a summit in Washington on the 28th. American negotiator who was sent ahead to smooth the way, Michael Froman.

President Obama is expected to meet with Prime Minister Abe and wants to put TPP as the key agenda item on his schedule.But, Japan is holding firm against rice but wants Auto Parts. So it looks like once again the president is attempting to open market for US goods and services when the people he is negotiating with have no desire to do so except to gain access to American markets.

TPP Rice Imports

Japan in uproar over TPP Rice Imports. Photo by Kevin Dooley

Japan wants America to open its car parts markets to Japan’s gigantic parts machine that could easily swamp the America’s auto parts industry.

You can see that this is a one-sided deal as the American economy stands to lose much more even if Japan gives in on the rice deal. As the amount of money made for the America farmer would be minuscule when compared to the loss of American jobs and the blow the auto industry will take when Obama puts ink to paper in a few days.

The congress, of course, has ultimate Yes/No authority on whatever deal is going to be struck. But they have ceded the right to change the terms to give the American worker a better deal.

The Japanese want Obama to lift the 2.5% tariff on auto parts, which would virtually allow them to bring their parts to the US tax-free and undersell American car manufacturers in this country. A tactic that in the 70’s and 80’s virtually ruined Detroit.

Today 7 out of every 10 cars are Japanese and made in their factories in this country. This dominance of the America car industry will be made complete when President Obama shakes hands with Prime Minister Abe in a few days.

WWII is now almost over and the Japanese have won the last battle.

Is this an example of what will happen when the other 11 nations of the TPP get what they want from signing on with Obama?

This begs another question. “Is there any benefit for Americans in the TPP deal?”

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The Place of Government Bills In The Legislative Process

In each two year session of the Bill Tracking SpyglassUnited States Congress roughly 10,000 bills and resolutions are brought under consideration, yet of that number only about 4% will actually become law. Government bills are proposed laws that are presented to the legislature by a member of Congress. These bills are many times proposed as measures that will benefit the area which the member of Congress represents. Sometimes these bills will be of a more general nature regionally, and even nationally.

A proposed bill is first presented before a committee that oversees a certain area of society in order to organize measures that pertain to that area. For example, the agricultural committee would oversee measures that pertain to agriculture. If the bill has agreed to at the committee level, it is then brought out to the floor of the legislature for discussion, rephrasing, and a possible vote.

Amendments can be made to a bill, and those also can be debated, argued for or against an rephrased. Once a bill comes up for vote in one house of Congress and it passes, it is then sent to the other house of Congress, such as of the Senate of the United States or a similar process takes place. There, the bill can be debated, have amendments attached to it, and voted on.

images (5)If there is consensus in the Senate as far as principle, yet more details need to be worked out, then a joint conference committee is convened in order to work out the details. If agreement is reached among the conference committee members then the bill is sent to the President of the United States for signature, and if that occurs the bill becomes law. The president, however can veto the bill, and if that occurs the bill is sent back to the senate to be voted upon again. If the senate votes for the bill with more than a 2/3 majority vote, the senate will have overwritten the president’s veto and the bill will become law, otherwise the veto will prevail.

Government bills can cover many forms and matters of importance that pertain to the affairs of states and national interests. Ordinary citizens in the United States can be of influence to the elected officials by making known their concerns. This is why the government of the United States is called a representative republic. This is because only the elected officials can actually vote on a measure because if every individual citizen voted on every major nothing would ever get done to to the sheer numbers of voters.

iStock_000013557740XSmallThe process and deliberation of legislative bills being put forth in an effort to construct legal foundations for government’s actions is one of the more important duties of our legislative bodies. These processes are done in an open format so that all parties have the opportunity to debate and suggest alternatives if necessary. The fact that the ordinary citizen can have a voice in this process is unprecedented in the history of mankind, except for Greek and Roman legislative processes which were similar.